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How to Manage Entities

Learn how to manage legal entities with Lextree, including corporate records, equity ownership, compliance requirements, and more.

Setup and Admin

This section of the risk management video series explains the principles for selecting an approach or framework to risk management.

Create Account and Login

Creating a new Lextree account is easy. There are 3 simple steps.

First Time Setup for Entity Management

Many organizations want to compartmentalize access to entities. There are three ways to restrict access to entities or to otherwise limit features to certain users: groups, roles, and document access.

Restrict Access

Once you create your account, we recommend a quick review of some basic administrative settings. You can change your mind about these settings at any time.

First Time User to Lextree

Welcome to Lextree. Someone in your organization created an account for you.
Request Demo
One of our knowledgeable product experts will answer your questions. We will tailor a Lextree demo to your needs.

Analyze and Report

These videos explain how to analyze legal entity data and to run reports.

View Menu

On the main menu bar is the View tab. The View tab gives you access to data and functions outside the context of a single entity. It aggregates data across all entities to which the logged in user has access.

Reports Menu

The Reports menu provides access to all the reports in Lextree. All reports come with standard features, yet each is optimized to provide a certain kind of data.
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