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How to Manage Contracts with Lextree

Learn how to get more value from your contracts, collaborate effectively on contract workflow, and manage contract risk is Lextree for Contract Management.

Setup and Administration

These videos demonstrate how to get up and running with Lextree quickly. The videos cover every step from creating a new account to getting setup for collaboration.

Create Account and Login

Creating a new account is easy in Lextree. There are 3 simple steps.

First Time Setup for Contract Management

Once you create your account, we recommend a quick review of some basic administrative settings. You can change your mind about any of these settings at anytime.

Restrict Access to Contracts

Many organizations want to compartmentalize access to contracts. There are four ways to restrict access to contracts or to otherwise limit features to certain users: groups, roles, document access, and task workflow assignments.

Map Contracts to Internal Organization

Many organizations want to track contracts based on some internal structure, such as department, subsidiary, or business unit. Assigning a contract to your internal structure is straightforward in Lextree.

Setup for Collaboration

Collaboration on contracts and contract management is built into Lextree. There are two pillars of collaboration in Lextree: unlimited user licensing and access controls. Organizations on the Business or Enterprise subscription plans can take advantage of the collaboration features.
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Manage Contracts

Learn how to use Lextree to manage contracts, including adding new contracts, working with the repository, and running reports.

Quick Tour of Lextree

This video provides a quick overview of the major areas of Lextree for Contract Management. The pages that are visible depend on the User’s Role. Not all pages are available to all Roles. The visible records, like contracts, documents, and tasks, depend on the Groups to which the User has access. You can use Groups and Roles to control what Users can access and what they can do in Lextree.

Add First, Simple Contract

Let’s add a simple Non-Disclosure Agreement to Lextree. Lextree will walk us through two steps: 1. Create the contract record and 2. Upload the first document.

Using the Contract Repository

The contract repository is available on the `Contracts` page from the menu bar. Only contracts allowed by the logged in user’s permissions are displayed in the repository. Admin Users can change permissions for User in `Settings > Users & Groups > Users`.

Contract Details

The contract details page for a contract contains a wealth of information and features about the contract. Each contract record provides a panel of summary information about the contract and the other party to the contract. There are also five tabs of additional features and information: documents, requirements, alerts, tasks, and notes.

Manage Contract Reports

Lextree reports use a set of features and pre-defined data to generate flexible reports easily.

Contract Workflow

Learn how to use Lextree to simplify contract requests and approvals through better contract workflows.

What is Workflow in Contract Management

The two most important contract workflows in contract management are for new contract approvals and contract amendment approvals. Each organization has variations of each workflow, and there are other workflows depending on company, industry, or process, but these two will illustrate the principles of contract management workflow.

Assign a Contract Task

Let’s add a simple Non-Disclosure Agreement to Lextree. Lextree will walk us through two steps: 1. Create the contract record and 2. Upload the first document.

Contract Request and Approval Workflow

To request a contract or approval for a contract, Users with the Requestor role can access the Request button on the Contracts page. The Request button will start a quick two step process to gather information about the contract and the request.

Contract Amendment Request

To request approval for a contract amendment in Lextree, navigate to the contract record you want. Select the Tasks tab.

Complete Contract Tasks

There are several types of tasks and related actions. There are three ways to access tasks assigned to you.
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