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Entity Management


On the main menu bar is the View tab. The View tab gives you access to data and functions outside the context of a single entity. It aggregates data across all entities to which the logged in user has access.


The View > Alerts page gives you two perspectives on all alerts in Lextree: a calendar view and a list view.In the Calendar view, select a task to see additional details. On the Alerts tab, select the name of a task to see the task details.


The View > Documents page provides a list of all documents from across the entities to which the user has access. Selecting the title of the document displays the Edit Document page. Selecting the Entity name displays the entity details page. And finally, the file or link will display the document or page.Lextree will attempt to open the document in the browser. If, however, your browser, extensions, or security requirements do not permit opening the document, then Lextree will allow you to download the document so you can open it in its native application.

People & Organizations

The View > People & Organizations page presents three collections:

  • Directors, Officers, and Other Contacts,
  • Registered Agents, and
  • Unrelated Entities. Select the name of any person or organization to edit the details.


Access all the requirements across the corporate registry on the View > Requirements page.Requirements are grouped in Annual Reports / Statements and Other Requirements. Selecting the name of the requirement allows you to edit the details.


There are lots of options for interacting with tasks on the View > Tasks page.Tasks are grouped onto four tabs: In Progress, Completed, Cancelled, and Assigned by <User’s Name>.On the In Progress tab, you can also view tasks in one of four buckets: All, Due This Month, Due Next Month, or Overdue.


The View menu gives you access to a wide range of information about your entities.