Restrict Access
Entity Management


Many organizations want to compartmentalize access to entities. There are three ways to restrict access to entities or to otherwise limit features to certain users: groups, roles, and document access.


Groups are the cornerstone of entity access in Lextree. To limit access to entities requires three steps:

Step 1. Create a Group

Navigate to Settings > Users & Groups > Groups. Select the + Add button to enter a name for your group.

Step 2. Add Users to the Group

Navigate to Settings > Users & Groups > Users. Select an existing user or add a new user. Click in the Groups field and select the Group you created in Step 1.

Step 3. Assign an Entity to a Group

Navigate to Entities.

To assign a new entities to a Group, click in the Group field on the Add Entity form. Choose one or more Groups from the list.

To modify the Groups to which an entity is assigned, view the entity from the Entities page. Select the Groups button at the top of the Entity Details page. Click in the box to see the list of available Groups.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A User can only assign entities to Groups in which the User is already a member. For example, if Fred is not assigned to the Super Secret Group in Step 2, then Fred cannot assign an entity to the Super Secret Group in Step 3. Fred will not even see that as an option.

Roles (Reader)

Roles control what users can do in Lextree. Admin users may review, add and update user roles for any user at Settings > Users & Groups > Users. User roles determine which functions are available to each user when viewing records. The following are descriptions of each user role:

  • Admin: Views, adds and edits users, groups, and lookups.
  • Editor: Views, adds and edits records in assigned groups.
  • Reader: Views records in assigned groups. Readers cannot make changes to entity records. They can only view the data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no relationship between Groups and Roles. In Lextree, Admin users do not have access to all entities unless they are added to each Group.

Documents Access

You can also restrict user access to documents when you create or edit a User by choosing No to the Document Access prompt on the Edit User form.