Entity Management


The Reports menu provides access to all the reports in Lextree. All reports come with standard features, yet each is optimized to provide a certain kind of data.


All reports have five major features which make them powerful and easy-to-use:

  1. Search allows you to see all items which have that string of text or numbers.
  2. Columns shows or hides columns that you choose.
  3. Export sends the data in the report to a .csv, .txt, or .json file which you can name yourself.
  4. Print (in upper right corner of browser) sends the report to your browser’s default printing choice where you can save as a PDF or print.
  5. Filter provides a structured search as discussed earlier. The export and print features respond to the filter so you can create tailored reports.

To search for an entity, enter one or more terms in the search box and select search. Lextree will search the metadata associated with the entity records and display the results.

Show or Hide Columns

To hide or show columns, select the Columns button. Check the box with the column label you want to view; uncheck the label to hide the column. The available columns are dynamic and depend on the table display.

Filter the List

To filter the list of entities, select the Add filters button. The filters are flexible and powerful search parameters. The left hand field refers to the column header. The middle field is an operator, like contains or is, and the right hand field is a text box for your search term.Using the filter with date fields opens additional options. For example, you can search for entities expiring during the next nine months.


The export feature responds to the filter. If you apply a filter to your data and then select Export, then Lextree will only export the items displayed after the filter is applied.Selecting Export displays a page where you can select the file format you want to export the data. For spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, choose .csv.


The Print link in the upper right corner of the page (near your user name) is similar to the Export feature. Print responds to the Filter.Once you select Print, Lextree launches your browser’s print mechanism where you can further refine the output of your report, such as landscape and portrait layout. You can also save as PDF from your browser’s print mechanism.

Report Content

Lextree comes with flexible, predefined reports which give you quick access to your entity data. Reports are grouped into three categories, each with several subcategories.


At Reports > Entities you will find:

  • Stats,
  • Entities,
  • Documents,
  • Annual Reports,
  • Other Requirements, and
  • Parents & Subsidiaries.

People and Organizations

At Reports > People & Organizations you will find:

  • Stats,
  • Directors,
  • Officers,
  • Other Contacts,
  • All Contacts,
  • Registered Agents, and
  • Unrelated Entities.


At Reports > Tasks you will find two categories: Stats and Tasks.


Use the five features of Lextree reports to structure reports and the predefined data to get fast and flexible reports.