Officers and Directors
Entity Management


Lextree helps you keep track of officers and directors. Simply navigate to the People tab for an entity. Why isn’t this tab called Officers and Directors? The reason is that Lextree lets you track other people such as accountants, auditors, lawyers, and consultants.

But we will focus on officers and directors.

Add Person

To add an officer or director, select the + Add button. Lextree will display the Add Person form.

In the Name field, you can search for the person you want to add among all the other entities in your registry. This is a powerful feature of Lextree. People can serve any number of roles on any number of entities. This allows you to run reports to see all the entities a particular person serves.

If the person is, in fact, new, then select the Add a new option link to add the person to Lextree. That person will automatically be available for all future entities.

Choose Officer, Director, or Other in the Type field.

The optional Title field allows you to capture information like Chief Executive Officer or Chair.

Check the Track term of serve? checkbox to establish an Appointment date and a Term Expiration date.

Terms of Service

There are generally a few circumstances for which you want to track terms of service.

Historical Board or Management Composition

If you want to know who was on the board during a certain period of time, then Lextree’s reports allow you to set a date range and generate a list of officers and/or directors during that period.

In this case, you would leave the Term Expiration field blank until the person left the board or the management position, at which point you want to add the date of the expiration.

Terms of Service in Organizational Documents

Some entities, notably charitable or non-profit organizations, often require that board members serve for a period of time and then are subject to election or reappointment.

In this case, you preemptively add the expiration of the term for an individual and even schedule an alert.

To schedule an alert, check the **Send alert? ** checkbox. Lextree will prompt for the schedule and recipients of the alert.