Entity Management


Tracking equity owners in Lextree is both flexible and simple. You only need to add direct parents and direct subsidiaries on the Ownership tab of an entity. Lextree will automatically find additional relationships to build out the org chart.

Add Parent Owners

To add immediate parents of an entity, navigate to the entity details page and select the Ownership tab.

Select the + Add button. Lextree will display the Add Ownership page.

In the Type field, select Parent. Lextree will remind you which entity is in focus right under the page title.

The Entity field allows you pick an existing entity from Lextree. The list of entities displayed includes both related and unrelated entities. A related entity is one that you actively manage in the corporate registry. An unrelated entity is one which appears in your org charts but you do not actively manage. An individual owner or founder is a common example.

In the Ownership Percentage field, enter the share of the entity this parent holds as a percentage. Enter the percentage as a whole number, but decimals are allowed. To add a 10% owner, enter 10, not .1. You can, however, enter 10.1 which will mean 10.1% of the company.

Lextree displays an error when the total amount of equity ownership exceeds 100%.

You are welcome to track the Acquisition Date and the Disposition Date, if applicable. These are both optional fields.

Leave the Status as Active. If you set the Status to Inactive, Lextree will hide the equity from the ownership table and adjust the org chart accordingly.

Add any Notes about the parent’s ownership and select Submit to save the ownership record. Lextree will return to the Ownership tab for the entity.