First Time Setup
Entity Management


Once you create your account, we recommend a quick review of some basic administrative settings. You can change your mind about these settings at any time.

Entity Types

Entity categorization, called Forms of Organization in Lextree, is an important part of effective legal entity management. To review your Forms of Organization, navigate to Settings > Lookups, Folders, & Fields > Lookups > Forms of Organization.

We will edit the Partnership form of organization, because it is too broad. We want to track the major types of partnerships.

Delete Partnership

To delete a Form of Organization, select the trash icon to the right of the type.

Deleting a Form of Organization will not change any existing entities. It will not delete existing entities and it will not remove the Form of Organization for existing entities.

Deleting a Form of Organization will make that type unavailable for all future entities.

Add Types of Partnerships

In the Add Form of Organization field enter the name of the legal entity types you want to track. For example, we will add:

  • General Partnership
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Limited Liability Limited Partnership

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can use this feature to add any entity type from any jurisdiction in the world.

Edit Form of Organization

To change the name or spelling of a Form of Organization, just select the name in the list. Lextree will display a popup form to edit the Form of Organization.

Document Types

Review, add, or edit Document Types in Settings > Lookups, Folders, & Fields > Lookups > Document Types.


There are two ways to add Jurisdictions to Lextree: in the admin area and on the front end. For now, we can add Jurisdictions by going to Settings > Lookups, Folders, & Fields > Lookups > Jurisdictions.

Select the Add Jurisdiction button. In the Country field choose the country. You may also just begin typing the name of the country to navigate the list.

Each country selection, except the United States, will display an optional field labelled, Province/Region/Other. For the United States, you can choose to select one of the states.

Select Submit.

Changing these settings will give you a basic starting place for managing legal entities.