Corporate Documents
Entity Management


Store important legal documents with the entity, including organizational documents, meeting minutes, insurance, and filings.


Lextree allows you to organize documents by topic into folders. Admin users can create custom folders in Settings > Lookups, Folders & Fields > Folders. Those options will appear to end users in the folder dropdown field.

Add a Document

To add a document, navigate to an entity record from the Entities menu. Select the Documents tab.

Document Metadata

Then select the + Add button. Lextree will display the Add Document page.

Select the Folder from the available options.

Enter the Title of the document.

Choose an optional Jurisdiction for the documents. If the document relates to the place of incorporation, then this might not be necessary. However, if the document pertains to another jurisdiction, this is helpful data for later reporting and analysis.

To add a new jurisdiction, select the Add a new option link below the field.

Choose a Type of document. The options available come from Settings > Lookups, Folders, & Fields > Lookups > Document Types.

Lextree allows you to upload a copy of the document file to Lextree or to link to a URL.


Choose Upload to save the file in Lextree. Click the Choose file button to navigate to your computer and network to find the file you want to upload. When you pick a file, Lextree will save a copy.

To link to a URL, instead of uploading, choose Link. This is useful if your document is in Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint, Box, Dropbox, or another third party storage service.

Enter a short phrase as the display text and paste the link to the document URL.

Lextree will leave the file in its original location and save just the link.

Document Dates

To capture the date of the document, enter it in the Date field.

Lextree also gives you a powerful document management feature. If the document has a term, such as a contract or a D&O policy expiration, you can check the Include document term? box. Lextree will then display options to capture the Effective date and Expiration date.

You can also schedule an automatic alert in the Notifications. Select send alert? to open options for the alert. Lextree will set an alert to 30 days before expiration, but you can change any of those values.

In Recipients you can create a list of email addresses which will receive the email alerts from Lextree, but which do not have access to Lextree.

To add a custom message check the Include message? checkbox.

Select Submit to save the document and set the alert.