First Time Setup

First Time Setup

Once you create your account, we recommend a quick review of some basic administrative settings. You can change your mind about any of these settings at anytime.

Contract Types

Contract categorization is an important part of effective contract management. To review your Contract Types in Lextree, navigate to Settings > Lookups & Fields. The first tab is Contract Types.

Depending on the option you chose during account creation, there will either be a default list of contract types or it will be mostly blank.

Add (at least one) Contract Type

In the Add Contract Type field enter the name of a type of contract that you want to use to organize your contracts. Example contract types include: Confidentiality, Service, Lease, and Purchase. They can be as specific or general as you like.

We suggest using 3-15 contract types. Lextree can support as many as you want, but in our experience, more than 15 contract types begins to undermine the reporting and analysis value of contract management.

Edit a Contract Type

To change the name or spelling of a contract type, just click on the name in the list. Lextree will display a popup form to edit the Contract Type.

This change will take effect for future contracts, but will not change the type of existing contracts.

Delete a Contract Type

To delete a Contract Type label, select the trash icon to the right of the type you want to delete.

Deleting a contract type will not change any existing contracts. It will not delete the contracts and it will not remove the contract type on existing contracts.

Deleting a contract type will make that type unavailable for all future contracts.

Document Types

Recall that documents are subordinate to contracts. Each Document is assigned to a Contract. Lextree allows separate classification and reporting by Document Type. To review your Document Types in Lextree, navigate to Settings > Lookups & Fields. The third tab is Document Types.

Depending on the option you choose during account creation, there will either be a default list of document types or it will be blank.

Document Types might include:

  • Agreement
  • Amendment
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Letter of Intent
  • Other
  • Schedule
  • Statement of Work

The rules for adding, editing, and deleting Document Types are the same as Contract Types.


Lextree is more fun with friends and colleagues. Since Lextree allows unlimited users, you can add as many collaborators as you want.

To add another user, navigate to Settings > Users & Groups. Select the + Add button.

Depending on the Roles you select for this user, Lextree will display additional options. Detail information on adding new users and user roles is available in the Documentation.

When you add a new user, Lextree will send an automated email notifying them of their account with a temporary password.

First Contract

Now you are ready to see your changes in action. Navigate to Contracts in the menubar. Choose + Add to add a new contract.

When you select contract type, you will see the changes you made in the setting area.

Thank you.

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