Using the Contract Repository

Using the Contract Repository

The contract repository is available on the Contracts page from the menu bar. Only contracts allowed by the logged in user’s permissions are displayed in the repository. Admin Users can change permissions for User in Settings > Users & Groups > Users.

You can sort the contract repository by selecting any column heading. Selecting the heading will sort the list on the column in opposite direction. By default, contracts are sorted by the most recently updated contracts first.

Using the Search field allows you to search all the metadata about each contract record. Recall that in Lextree a “Contract” refers to the entire legal relationship and contains all the documents related to the contract, including the original agreement, any schedule, addendum, and amendment.

To show or hide columns in the repository select the Columns button. Columns that are checked will display in the list.

The Add Filter button allows Users to create structured searches of the repository.

Users with the Editor role will see an + Add button. Users with the Requestor role will see the Request button. It is possible. To have both, either, or neither role.

The + Add button displays the Lextree Add Contract pages to create a new contract record. The Request button launches a task workflow created by Admin users in Settings > Users & Groups > Task Workflows.

To view the details about a contract, select the party name (as a link in the first column). The link will display the contract details pages for that contract record.

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