Assign a Contract Task
Contract Management


From the contract record you can initiate two types of tasks: a single action task, or a task workflow. Tasks are available to Business and Enterprise edition subscribers.

Single Action Task

To assign a new task to one or more users, select the + Assign button on the Tasks tab for a contact record.

At the Contract Document Request, choose No to assign a single task, rather than starting a task workflow.

Task Workflow

Provide brief description in the ** Task** field. We recommend an active verb describing the action and an object of the action. For example:

  • Send new certificate of insurance,
  • Review contract before auto-renewal, and
  • Review related contracts.

Assign the task to one or more users. Simply click in the Assigned To field to see a list of available names. Choose the name of the person to add. Repeat the process to add more names.

In the Completions Required field, indicate whether only one of the assignees needs to complete the task or whether all of them must complete it.

Schedule the due date in the Due field.

Add any notes to the task for more background or context.

You can optionally attach a document to the task, by selecting the Include document? checkbox.

Select Submit to save the task. Assignees will receive an email notifying them about the new task. They will also receive a weekly digest of their tasks if they choose that option in their user profiles.