Add First Simple Contract
Contract Management


Let’s add a simple Non-Disclosure Agreement to Lextree. Lextree will walk us through two steps: 1. Create the contract record and 2. Upload the first document.

Step 1. Add Contract

Select the Party

If it is a new party, just click + Add a new option. Lextree will collect a little information about the new party and add them to your list for future reference.

Select the Type of Contract

The options available come from Settings > Lookups & Fields > Lookups > Contract Types.

Enter a short description

This is optional but helpful to other users.

Skip internal assignments

For this video we will skip Entities, Departments, and any custom fields.

Select any relevant Tags

You can choose existing Tags or add new ones.

Grant access to Groups

You must assign the contract to one or more Groups of Users.

Add Notes

Enter a quick optional note about the contract.

Enter Effective and Expiration Dates

Both of these dates are optional but they are required if you want to receive automatic alerts.

Select Auto-Renewal if there is an auto-renewal provision

Lextree will prompt you for the frequency and number of renewals allowed.

Choose Include Amount if necessary

You can store the contract value and any amount paid. Lextree will calculate the balance.

Select Send Alert? Checkbox

Lextree will display a default alert for 30 days before the Expiration date, but you can change any of those settings. You can also add a custom message for the alert in addition to the standard information Lextree sends.

Select Submit to save

Lextree will save the contract record and automatically advance to the next step.

Step 2. Add Contract Document

Enter the document title

You can enter any title for the document. This will display in the list of contract documents.

Select the type of document

The list of available options comes from Settings > Lookups & Fields > Lookups > Document Types.

Upload or Link the Document

Lextree allows you to upload a copy of the document file to Lextree or to link to an URL.


Choose Upload to save the file in Lextree. Click the Choose file button to navigate to your computer and network to find the file you want to upload. When you pick a file, Lextree will save a copy.


To link to a URL, instead of uploading, choose Link. This is useful if your document is in Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint, Box, Dropbox, or another third party storage service.

Enter a short phrase as the display text and paste the link to the document URL.

Lextree will leave the file in its original location and save just the link.

Choose an optional Tag

Notice that the Document Tags differ from the Contract Tags.

Add an optional Document Note

Lextree will save and display any notes about the document.

Select Submit to save

Once you save the contract record and the first document, Lextree will display the Contract Details page for the contract you created.