User Management


To manage users in your organization, navigate to Admin > Users. This page displays all users in your organization. You can add new users by selecting the Add User button. There are several important elements of each user’s profile.

User Details

Name: Enter the user’s first and last name.

Email: Enter the user’s email address.

User Role: The User Role defines what a user can do in Lextree. There are four roles in Lextree for Healthcare Compliance: Editor, Manager, Administrator, and Reader. You can read about the role definitions below. Users cannot have both the Editor and Reader role.

User Status: You can change the status of user to temporarily block their access without deleting them or to add them without activating their account.

Facilities: Facilities controls which Facilities each user can access.

Group: Group controls which collections of Surveys a user can access. Each user must be a member of at least one group to view any Surveys. Users

Role Definitions

Editor: Can view and edit records.

Manager: Can view and edit items in the Libraries menu and in Tasks > Tasks by Group.

Administrator: Can access the Admin menu. Please note that Admin is not a super role. It just grants access to the Admin menu.

Reader: Can only view Survey and Facility data. Cannot make changes.