Tasks Assigned to Me


View all tasks assigned to you by other users or yourself. Tasks are categorized as Open, In Progress, Declined, Completed, and Cancelled.

Select the tab to see those tasks with a particular status. Select Assign Task button to create a task for another user. Select start to complete a task. The start link will display one of the four pages:

If the task is Draft POC, then the Draft Plan of Correction page will be displayed.

If the task requests a comment or note, then Lextree will display the Comment on Survey page.

If the task requests a document, then Lextree will display the Add Document page.

If the task type is Other, then Lextree will allow you to mark the task as complete and provide a field to describe the work.

When you start a task, you will have an option to Decline Task. This option will route the task back to the requestor.