Libraries Overview


A Library in Lextree is a collection of data that users can copy to perform a variety of functions in Lextree. Libraries improve efficiency and quality by providing more consistent information. There are several libraries in Lextree.

Define Survey Authorities or government agencies which routinely inspect your Facilities.

Maintain a list of specific buildings that are surveyed at your Facilities.

Create custom or state level tags.

Categorize documents by type. Users choose the type when they add documents to a Survey.

Keywords allow users to add additional, semi-structured information about Surveys, Documents, and Facilities.

Create templates for Plans of Correction. Users drafting Plans of Correction can choose a POC from the Library for a particular F-Tag.

Create a custom list of state or federal regulations. NOTE: Lextree already maps the federal F-Tags to the appropriate regulation.

Create a custom list of Survey Types. Lextree already uses Health and Fire.

Create a list of frequently used tasks. For example, Upload Survey Report might be a common task. Users can copy the task as a template.