Initial Setup

Initial Setup

Lextree will guide you through the initial set up after you create an account.

Step 1. Create a Group

A Group controls access to Surveys. For example, you can restrict access to certain kinds of surveys to a limited group of users. In this step you will create your first Group. You can add more Groups later.

Step 2. Link to the Group

Now that you have created your first Group, we need to give you access to that Group so that you can view Surveys in that Group. Later you can change group memberships.

Step 3. Assign a Facility

When you signed up for Lextree, you created an organization. That organization can manage any number of Facilities. We need to associate at least one Facility with your organization. First, enter the number of Facilities you want to add to your organization.

First, enter the number of Facilities you want to add to your organization. Second, you can add a Facility and search the national database of licensed nursing homes or you can enter a Facility manually if, for example, it is not in the database. To search the federal database, choose Copy Facility from Federal Database. To enter a Facility manually, choose Add Facility

Third, assuming you selected Copy a Facility from the Federal Database, just search for the Facility in the box. You can search by name or federal provider ID number.

Step 4. Grant Facility Access

Now that you have added facilities to your organization, we need to give you access to those facilities in Lextree. You change the facility access in the Admin area later.


You are ready to start managing surveys, deficiencies, and plans of correction. Enjoy!

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