Edit Survey

Edit Survey

Users who are Editors or Managers can edit Surveys, but selecting the survey name with a pencil icon. This will display the Edit Survey form.

Edit Survey Link

The Edit Survey form displays the current data in each field. You can add, edit, and delete data.

Edit Survey Survey Status

There are four status options: Open, Pending, Passed, and Closed.


Enter a label to easily reference the Survey.


Choose the Facility where the Survey was conducted.


If the Survey concerns only certain buildings at the Facility, choose them here. This list can be customized in Library > Buildings.


This is the regulatory type of survey. Lextree defaults to "F - Inspection of Care"

Survey Type

Choose Health or Fire.

Custom Survey Category

If Custom Survey Categories are created in Admin > Custom Survey Categories, then those options are available here.

Multiple Construction - (A and B)

This is data from the CMS 2567 Survey form.

Date Started

Enter the start of the Survey.

Date Ended

Enter the date the Survey ended. This is required. Lextree uses this date to calculate the 10 day response date.

Date Received

Enter the date your organization received the Survey.


Enter the Survey Authority which completed the Survey. This is a cutomizable list in Libraries > Authorities.

Authority Contact

The inpidual with the Survey Authority who performed the Survey.


The person listed on the CMS 2567 as the signer.

Date Signed

The date on the Survey when it was signed.


If Keywords for Surveys exist in Libraries > Keywords, then they are available here.


Only users that are in the Survey's groups have access to the Survey. Users can only select Groups of which they are members.

Responsible Person

Designate a person responsible for the Survey.

Send Alert

Choose to add or modify the alert for the Survey. With this checkbox selected, when you choose Submit, Lextree will display a form with options for the alert.

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