Assign Task


The Assign Task page will display from the Assign Task button on any task page.


Optional: Select the Facility to which the task relates. Conditional fields for Survey and Deficiency will then appear.### Survey

Conditional: If Facility is designated, you can select a Survey to link to the task.


Conditional: If a Survey is selected, the Deficiency field will show the Deficiencies for that Survey. ### Task Library

Optional: You can copy a task from the Task Library as a template for your task.


Enter a short description of the task, like Upload internal review memo.### Assigned To

Select the person responsible for the task. That person will receive an email notification of the task assignment. The task will also show in their Tasks Assigned to Me page.### Task Description

Enter a description of the task.

Due Date

Enter the date the task is due. This will determine notifications for the person responsible for the task.

Assign Task