Reports overview
Entity Management


Users may view, export or print reports by selecting one of the options from the Reports menu. There are various report options in each of the report categories shown in the Reports menu - these options can be accessed by clicking the tab buttons on each of the report category pages.

Graphical reports can be printed or downloaded using the links above the chart (some graphical reports include filter options displayed as buttons above the report).

List reports can be modified by users to generate a wide variety of report outputs. Click Add filters to modify the report output (you can add multiple filters to a report). Click Columns to hide or display certain columns in the report. Click on any of the column headers to sort the report by that column. Click Export to export the report in spreadsheet or other formats. There is a Print link in the navigation and account toolbar below the menu bar (it is next to the Logged in as... information) - use this link to either save the report as a PDF or print the report.

Summary reports for individual records can be accessed for some types of records by clicking the link in the first column of the corresponding list report. These reports display all summary data and a list of all child records associated with the record to enable users to print a summary page containing all available data for a single record.