Ownership Count Report
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Ownership Count Report

Lextree provides an Ownership Count Report. The report shows the number of parents and subsidiaries for each legal entity.

Why use the Ownership Count Report?

There are two benefits of the ownership count report:

  1. Discover orphaned entities, and
  2. See ownership concentrations.

Orphaned entities

An orphaned entity is one that does not appear in any org chart because it does not have parents or subsidiaries. The fact that an entity does not have parents or subsidiaries is not a problem per se. If, however, it is not by design then you have discovered an important gap in your organizational chart.

You can filter the report to show entities which have no parents, no subsidiaries, or neither parents nor subsidiaries.

Ownership concentrations

At the other end of the spectrum, you can use the ownership count report to show which entities have the most parents or subsidiaries. This analysis allows you to discover potential risks associated with those entities. You can prioritize those ownership patterns for compliance reviews.

Understanding ownership concentration leads you to generate organizational charts that reveal the greatest number of connections.

How to use the Ownership Count Report

To generate the Ownership Count Report:

  1. Sign in to Lextree,
  2. Navigate to Reports > Entities > Ownership Count,
  3. Use the filter to tailor the report,
  4. Save the report if you plan to return to it,
  5. Export or print the report as needed.

Log in to Lextree

Business Edition customers can log in to Lextree as usual. If you do not have a Lextree account, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial.

Go to Reports in the main menu, then choose Ownership Count.

Lextree Ownership Count Report

Use the filter

The report filter in Lextree is a powerful feature that helps you create the results you want. For the Ownership Count Report, you can filter on the number of parents and/or subsidiaries.

Filter by Number of Parents and Subsidiaries

The result of the filter will display the legal entities in your corporate registry which match the requirements.

Legal Entities Matching the Ownership Count Filter

Save the report

You can save the filtered report you create like any report in Lextree.

The Ownership Count Report is a dynamic report, which means that it will always display the most current data about your ownership structure.

You can access your saved reports on the Dashboard or in the Saved Reports area.

Export or print the report

Like all Lextree reports, you can print or export the report.