How to save a report in Lextree for Entity Management

How to save a report

Lextree allows you to save reports about your legal entities, officers and directors, and compliance obligations.

Navigate to Reports

To save a report, you need to go to the Reports section of Lextree. Select type of report. The entity management report types are: Entities, People & Organizations, and Tasks. Each type has several specific reports. Each report allows for configuration. So that is a lot of possible reports!

Legal entity reports

Filter report

The filter function in Lextree is available across all reports.

Filter legal entity reports

Take, for example, a report of all corporations incorporated in Delaware in the United States. To create this report, use the Jurisdiction and Form of Organization filters.

FIlter legal entities by jurisdiction

Set Jurisdiction to "contains" "Delaware." Set Form of Organization to "contains" "Corporation." This filter will show only Delaware Corporations in the entity report.

Select Save Report

Once the report contains the data we want, select Save Report at the end of the Reports menu bar.

Save legal entity report

Name Report

Lextree prompts you to name the report. Select the Save button to save the report with your unique name.

Name saved legal entity report

All of your save reports will appear together, so we recommend naming your reports with a short description. Some examples for this report:

List of saved legal entity reports
  • Delaware corporations
  • All Delaware corporations
  • All Delaware corporations where status is either active or inactive

Does the name tell you what the report covers if it appears in a list of reports and it is a year later?

Select Save

Once you have named your report, select the Save button. Lextree will then take you to your list of Saved Reports. Where you can access all of your saved reports.

Legal entity management report
Saved reports are personal. They are not shared.    
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