View and Update Contract Records
Contract Management


View contract

Editor and Reader users may view contract records by going to the Contracts menu and clicking on a contract’s Parties link.

You may view related record details on each of the tabs below the contract summary information (tabs may include Documents, Parties, Requirements, Alerts, Tasks, Notes, and Requests). If you have been granted document access, you may view, download or print attachments by clicking on the file or website links on the Documents tab.

Update contract

Editor users may update the contract and related records by doing the following:

Contract Summary

Click Edit to update summary contract information including parties.

Edit Alerts

Click the Alert button to update the alert settings for the contract. To update alert settings for related documents or requirements records, click on the name of the desired document or requirement record on the appropriate tab and scroll to the bottom of the edit form to update the alert settings for that record.

Edit Groups

Click on the Groups button to add or remove user group access to the contract record.

Archive the Contract

Click on the Archive button to move the contract to the archive. Any alerts or tasks associated with the archived record will be disabled. Archived records may only be accessed or restored to the repository at Records > Archive.

Add or Edit Documents

Click on the Documents tab to add or edit documents and related alerts (see the detailed help sections regarding documents for more information).

Edit Parties Information

Party records may be linked to one or more contract. Depending on the contract record, the party information will either be displayed as part of the contract summary or on a Parties tab below the contract summary.

Click on the party name to view and update party information (see the detailed help sections regarding parties for more information).

Add or Edit Requirements

Click on the Requirements tab to add or edit requirements and related alerts.

Click Add to add new requirements or click on the name of a requirement to edit. At the bottom of the add and edit forms, you will have the option to setup email alerts for the requirement record.

Add or Edit Tasks

Click on the Tasks tab to add, edit, or complete tasks (see the detailed help sections regarding tasks for more information).

Add or Edit Notes

Click on the Notes tab to add or edit notes (the name of the user posting the note will automatically be included along with the date of the note).

Click Add to add new notes or click on the posted date of a note to edit.