Contract Requests and Workflow

Contract Requests

Channel contracts into a sensible workflow for your organization.

Start a Contract Request (or Task)

Users with the Requestor role, can create contract requests. Navigate to the Contracts menu and select the Request button.
Contract Request Button

Step 1. Requested Contract Details

Lextree will display Step 1 of the request process.
Step 1 Requested Contract Details
  • Parties

    Select one or more counterparties to the contract. If the other party is not available in the list, select Add a New Option.
  • Type

    Select the type of contract. This list is maintained by Admin users in the Settings menu.
  • Short description

    Enter a brief summary of the contract.
  • Entities


    Select your organization's subsidiary or affiliate which will enter the contract.
  • Departments


    Select the department assigned to this contract.
  • Custom fields


    Any custom fields your Admin users created will appear here. In this screenshot, for example, "Business Group" is a custom field. It will not appear in your version of Lextree.
  • Tags


    Select any tags that apply to the contract.
  • Groups

    Select one or more Groups of users that will have access to the contract.
  • Notes


    Enter any notes about the contract.

Step 2. Assign the Contract Request Task

Lextree will then display Step 2 of the request process. This information is specifically for the task requested.
Step 2 Assign the Contract Request Task
  • Task

    Enter a title for the task. We recommend short, specfic titles like, "Approve term sheet."
  • Assigned Task Workflow

    Choose the task workflow process for this request. The list of available options is maintained by Admin users in the Settings menu. Lextree will automatically manage the workflow process selected.
  • Document Title

    Enter the label of the document.
  • Document Type

    Select the type of document requested.
  • Date


    Enter the due date for the task.
  • Notes


    Enter any notes about the task itself.
  • Include Document?


    Select this checkbox to upload a document to Lextree related to the request. For example, if the other party provided a draft agreement, you can upload that with the request.


You initiated the contract workflow. Lextree will route the request (or task) based on the Task Workflow setup in the Admin area. Once you complete Step 2, Lextree will display the task details.
Step 3 Request Task Details
You can access the request any time in the View > Tasks menu.
Step 3 Request Task Details
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