Contract Repository List
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Contract Repository List

Editor users may view, add and update contract records in the Contracts menu (Reader users have view-only access). You may search for records via the search bar or using the Add Filters option. Click + Add to create a new record.

Select Request to start a request task.

Click on the Party name in the Parties column to view and/or update the record. Click on the Last Updated date to view the history of the record.

Contract Repository


The Columns button allows you to show or hide columns in the table display. The available columns to show or hide will appear in a popup window when you select the Columns button.

Lextree will remember your settings during the logged in session. So you can go to other pages and then return to see the same columns displayed or hidden.

Add Filters

The Add Filters button allows you to perform a structured search on the table of data. The options available depend on the table and the data being searched.

The Add Filters button will display a popup window to create your structured search. There will be three fields in a row.

  • Field 1: Name of column in table.
  • Field 2: Search operator.
  • Field 3: Search value.

You can build complex searches by combining filters with the Add Filter button in the popup.