Recurring Contract Requirements
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Recurring Contract Requirements

Lextree supports recurring contract requirements. The recurring requirements feature allows you to have an obligation or event repeat within the span of a contract term.

To set a recurring requirement, do the following from a contract record:

1. Navigate to the Requirements tab

You will see a list of all existing requirements, if any, for the contract in focus. Recurring contract requirements

2. Select the +Add button

Lextree will display the Add Requirement page. Recurring contract requirements

3. Select Yes, enter a date under Requirement Date?

The recurring requirement feature is only available for fixed requirement dates.

Recurring contract requirements

Enter the date of the first requirement. You may set an alert for this requirement. When the requirement recurs, the alert will be reset for the next requirement date too. This means you only have to set the requirement and alert one time.

Choose Submit to save your changes.