How to save a report
Contract Management


How to save a report

Lextree allows you to save reports about your contracts, documents, and compliance obligations.

To save a report, you need to go to the Reports section of Lextree. Select type of report. The contract management report types are: Contracts and Tasks. Each type has several specific reports. Each report allows for configuration. So that is a lot of possible reports!

![Contract Management Reports](cm-reports.png Contract Management Reports)

Filter report

The filter function in Lextree is available across all reports.

![Auto-Renewing Contract Reports](cm-reports-filter-auto-yes.png Auto-Renewing Contract Reports)

Take, for example, a report of all auto-renewal contracts expiring in the next 9 months. To create this report, use the Auto-renewing? and Expiration Date filters.

![Expiring Contracts with Auto-Renewal](cm-reports-filter-auto-yes-expires.png Expiring Contracts with Auto-Renewal)

Set Auto-renewing? to Yes. Set Expiration Date to is during the next 9 month. This filter will show only auto-renewal contracts expiring in the next nine months.

Select Save Report

Once the report contains the data we want, select Save Report at the end of the Reports menu bar.

Name Report

Lextree prompts you to name the report. Select the Save button to save the report with your unique name.

![Name Saved Report](cm-reports-save-report-name-blank.png Name Saved Report)

All of your save reports will appear together, so we recommend naming your reports with a short description. Some examples for this report:

![All Saved Reports](cm-reports-saved-reports-result.png All Saved Reports)

  • Auto-renewals in 9 months,
  • Auto-renewing contracts expiring in 9 months, or
  • 9 month forecast of auto-renewals.

Does the name tell you what the report covers if it appears in a list of reports and it is a year later?

Select Save

Once you have named your report, select the Save button. Lextree will then take you to your list of Saved Reports. Where you can access all of your saved reports.

Saved reports are personal. They are not shared.