Contract Task Tracking
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Contract Task Tracking

The Tasks tab on the contract record displays all the tasks related to the contract. You can toggle between In Progress, Completed, and Canceled tasks.

This article explains how to Assign a New Task, View Task Details, and Complete a Task.

Contract Record Tasks

Assign New Task

Contract task

To create or assign a new task, select the Assign button. Lextree will display a page to collect information about the task. Assign Task

Here is a summary of the fields and their purpose:

Contract Document Request?

Create a simple task related to the contract or initial a task workflow related to a document request.


Give the task a title which explains the task easily, like File the report.

Assigned To

Select the box to see a drop down list of names. Administrators control the list of names in the Settings menu. You may select one or more names. Lextree will send an email automatically to names selected once you submit (save) the task.

Completion Required

There are two options: All assigned and One assignee. This setting determines whether each assignee must complete the task before it is marked complete or whether just one person on the list needs to complete the task.



Enter the due date for the task.



Provide a full description of the task.

Include document?


Check this box to attach a document to the task. Lextree will display additional fields to upload the task document.

Document Requests

If you want to trigger a document request workflow, just select Yes at the Contract Document Request? prompt. Lextree will display additional fields for this type of task.

The Assigned Task Workflow prompt allows you to select the Task Workflow. Administrators control the list of available task workflows in the Settings menu. The available options also depend on the workflows assigned to your profile by Admins.

Assign Document Request Task

View Task Details

To view a task, select the task by Title (blue link). Lextree will display the task screen.

Task Details

From the Task Details page you can perform several functions.*


The Edit button allows you to modify data about the task.


The Cancel button allows the task requestor to stop a task. Lextree removes the task from each assignee’s tasks and alerts them of the cancellation.


The Document button will upload a document related to the task. Lextree will also allow you to update the version of a task document.


The Comment button adds a comment to the task.


The Complete button allows task assignees to mark the task as completed. Assigns can also upload a new version of the task document.

Complete Task

To complete a task assigned to you, select the Complete button. Lextree will display the Complete Task page. Complete Task If necessary, you can upload a new document or a new version of the existing task document.