Org Charts

See your corporate structure automatically

Visualize company structure with the built-in corporate org chart. Easily navigate and explore the chart of the company structure. Lextree builds the company org chart dynamically. Lextree analyzes all company parent and subsidiary relationships, then automatically diagrams the chart.

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Org Charts

Chart All the Ownership Relationships

Org charts in Lextree display all the owners of the business. Owners can be individuals or other companies. The business organizational chart can include other companies in the corporate family or outside investors. Lextree supports complex company org charts. Create company org charts for any type of legal entity: LLC, corporation, partnership, trust, estate, or individual just to name a few.

Let Software Create Charts Automatically

Lextree draws the company org chart based on your ownership data. No more drawing boxes with finicky lines on slides. The company org chart is always up-to-date and displays all parents and subsidiaries, no matter how many levels there are.

Explore the Entire Business Structure

Lextree diagrams the company structure on an infinite canvas so you can zoom in, zoom out, and drag the chart around to see the entire business structure or just a segment. Select an entity in the company org chart to highlight its immediate parents and subsidiaries.

People Who Use Company Org Charts

Business Lawyers Show Client Businesses

Lawyers use Lextree to manage legal entities on behalf of their business clients. Lawyers can chart company ownership under their client’s control. Since Lextree allows unlimited users, lawyers can share company org charts with their business clients directly. Business lawyers handle many org charts, not just a single master chart.

Private Equity Firm Views Corporate Chart

Private equity companies can bring limited partners, holding companies, and operating companies together to reveal the broader corporate org chart. Investment businesses can view company org charts by fund or for all holdings.

Global Company Reveals Business Structure

A company which owns businesses in many jurisdictions charts the structure with the parent company at the top. Company leadership and employees can drill down to see the org chart for a single branch as well.

Real Estate Business Shows Property Entities

Real estate entities create separate legal entities for each property and investment. Real estate investments are also organized to facilitate outside investors. Lextree’s org chart features allow you to show the ownership chart for a single vehicle or for an entire group with shared ownership.


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