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Lextree comes with native customization and configuration tools included with each plan. With one customization, you can automatically modify the dashboard, record data, and reports to conform to your change. Add document collections, filing requirements, and entity data types unique to your situation.

Custom classifications

Customize Lextree to meet your needs. You can modify entities, documents, reports, and more from Settings.

Document Collections

Create collections of documents across the entity registry.

Custom Fields Add unlimited custom fields.

Any type of legal entity

Lextree comes standard with a number of legal entities, but it is easy to change and expand the available types of legal entities. Lextree easily supports any legal entity type from any jurisdiction in the world through the custom configuration features.

Any country, region, or state

One of the most popular features of Lextree is the customization of jurisdictions. Lextree supports both national and subnational (states, provinces, or regions) jurisdictions. When you customize jurisdictions in Lextree, every use of jurisdiction will adapt to your changes. You will see only a tailored list of the jurisdictions you need when you manage entities, filings, and compliance requirements.

Custom access controls

In addition to customizing the application for your users, Lextree allows for custom security groups to control access to certain entities. You can group entities and users along any vector that makes sense to you. For example, give some users access only to entities in North America or only in a business unit. Use unlimited security groups and unlimited users to give access to people when and where you need it.

Entity Customization

Value of Lextree

Use Lextree from Berkman Solutions to ensure compliance, reduce risk, and improve profits. Bring all your legal entities together in a single registry.

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