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Entities have to file annual reports or annual statements periodically. Some jurisdictions require entities file less frequently. Lextree handles any frequency and notifies you with an email alert.

All annual report filings

Lextree is flexible. You can track any filing requirement which is due on any frequency, even within the same entity. Filing in one jurisdiction due every five years, but every two years in another jurisdiction? Just add the filing for each jurisdiction and choose the frequency. Lextree will notify automatically. It will also update the new filing date at the end of the period.

Any jurisdiction

Lextree supports a global client base. You can choose which jurisdictions are relevant. Lextree will hide the rest. A US company with offices in New York, Texas, and California can turn off every other country and US State. An Australian company can activate any country it needs, include subnational jurisdictions.

Automatic reminders

For each annual filing, configure a custom alert. Set when the alert should fire, to whom it is sent, and whether it repeats. You can set long duration, repeating alerts or short-term notifications. Lextree allows you to send alerts to any email address, not just to users in your organization.

Annual Statements

Value of Lextree

Use Lextree from Berkman Solutions to ensure compliance, reduce risk, and improve profits. Bring all your legal entities together in a single registry.

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