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Sports, Entertainment and Events

Sports and event management are high stakes, high pressure endeavors. Contracts are critical to ensure performance by everyone involved. These contracts are increasingly complex. You need to track detailed requirements and milestones to achieve your objectives. Lextree is a cost-effective solution for your contract management needs.

Venues and event locations

Our venue and event location clients use Lextree to increase utilization of the space and property. They can ensure compliance with the obligations of the contracts with our requirements tracking features. The robust task and alert functionality means that your team members and partners will stay on task and deliver results so that events come off seamlessly.

Many sports organizations have complex licensing needs. Licensing branded products and identity assets is a rapidly growing revenue stream. The scope of use, duration, and geographic limitations in licenses are important for overall financial performance. Lextree empowers sporting organizations to maximize their revenue and control their brand.

Event organizers

Event organizers must orchestrate many parties to provide a fantastic event. Deadlines and deliverables have numerous dependencies. Effective contract management simplifies the event organizer’s life. A single review of all of the requirements for a contract or group of contracts translates into a successful event.

Send alerts automatically to everyone who needs to know about important deadlines related to a contract.

Gaming and Casinos

Gaming and casinos are now comprehensive entertainment destinations: music, live events, gaming, and conventions. Contract management is essential to smooth operations. Keep vendors and suppliers on task with alerts and notifications. Keep track of requirements across the entire contract portfolio.

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