Real Estate


Real Estate

Real estate firms deal with complexity everyday. Almost every real estate project is wrapped in two layers of legal documents. One set of documents creates the legal entity which owns the property. If another entity operate the property, then there is a another set of ownership documents.

Once the entity is formed, contracts govern the use of the property. Leases, easements, and purchase and sale agreements are critical to realizing the full value of a given real estate project or property.

Lextree is both a legal entity management solution and a contract management tool perfectly suited for real estate firms.

Property management

Property management firms use Lextree primarily to manage their portfolio of leases and vendor contracts. Lextree provides continuous reporting and analysis of the entire package of leases.

Property managers can be confident that vendor contracts will not expire. Well in advance of any auto-renewal notice date, property managers can review a contract to make sure they get the best price before the renewal.


Real estate developers must manage packages of legal documents. The central repository brings all documents related to a single deal together: the original agreement, any exhibit, schedule, ancillary document, or amendment. As a project evolves and the documents proliferate, they all stay in Lextree.

Developers can also manage the complex ownership and partnership structures that often own real estate properties. Lextree supports any legal entity type from any jurisdiction: corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and more. Users can view a corporate org chart, create a stock ledger, and manage the entire Board of Directors.