Higher Education

Higher Education

Higher education institutions use Lextree to fulfill their educational and research missions. The combination of complex organizational structure and extensive regulatory obligations makes higher education administration particularly challenging.

Lextree is part of the solution. Specific departments often deploy Lextree to solve problems because it is so cost-effective. Whether you are in the athletic department or administration, our contract management solution can reduce your burdens and make you more effective.


Athletic departments at NCAA schools use Lextree to manage game contracts, track licensing deals, and manage facilities. Analyze and compare the terms of game contracts by opposing school or as a group. Generate alerts and tasks to ensure that game contracts are completed on time.

Unify licenses for marketing assets like logos, images, and video. Provide reports to the organization on restrictions related to licensing.


Administrators at institutions of higher education must oversea a bewildering number of vendors, suppliers, and other third parties. Lextree provides a simple way for administrators to bring all contracts together for consistent management and reporting.

They can also use Lextree to centralize the contract request process to improve visibility into the contracting process.