Hospitals, medical practices, and long term care facilities all use Lextree to improve compliance, manage risk, and control contracts. Our healthcare provider clients operate through the United States. Some are rural; some are urban. Some are large; some are small. In each case, our healthcare clients strive to deliver exceptional healthcare to their patients and communities. Lextree helps healthcare providers fulfill their mission.

Long term care

Long term care organizations (or nursing facilities) have similar compliance needs for contract management. Long term care organizations often operate several (or many) facilities. When each facility is also its own legal entity, the compliance and contract needs are more complex.

Long term care facilities often use Lextree for legal entity management to ensure that all their state and federal filing obligations are met. This is particularly helpful when a different legal entity owns each facility. Lextree allows long term care organizations to manage officers and directors serving on more than one board or working for more than one entity.

Lextree also facilitates the preparation of Plans of Correction (POCs) in response to health and safety inspections (CMS 2567) from their survey authority. Lextree allows senior management to see reports and activity across all facilities or examine one facility in detail


Hospitals use Lextree in operations to manage contracts with medical practice groups, EHR providers, and even landscapers. The regulatory environment means that hospitals must track specific provisions of contracts which have compliance implications. Lextree can also notify medical providers when its time to renew their licenses.

Hospitals also use Lextree strategically to manage the legal entities through which they operate. Lextree helps them manage the Board of Directors for each entity.

Medical providers

Medical providers and practice groups must deal with complex regulatory requirements, business terms, and ownership details. Lextree empowers medical providers and administrators to track contract requirements, insurance obligations, and critical deadlines.

Medical practice owners and partners must maintain the legal and financial health of the corporation or partnership. Lextree automatically produces a dynamic ownership chart, manages filing deadlines, and more.