Federal, state, and local agencies use Lextree to fulfill their charters and control expenses. Government agencies primarily use our solution to manage vendor contracts. Whether vendor contracts are routine purchasing agreements or complex service arrangements, government agencies need to know what the requirements are throughout the life of the contract.


Municipalities use a Lextree to manage a wide range of the vendor contracts. Contract management allows municipalities to ensure that both they and their vendors are in compliance with the terms of the contract as well as federal and state law.

Municipalities can also meet their public disclosure obligations by making some of the contract information available on a public facing website. Lextree is the best tool for balancing the contract management function along with the public information objective.


Utilities must manage risk out in the field in addition to more routine contract risk. Performance bonds and certificates of insurance are an important part of the contract management function for utilities.

Lextree allows utilities to track certificates of insurance and bonds which expire on different terms than the underlying contract with a vendor.


State and federal agencies can become better stewards of taxpayer dollars through the effective contract management. Lextree allows them to manage their contracts.

Powerful reporting and analytics tools give government agencies new insight into their contracts. Agencies can also capture detailed requirements for each individual contract to ensure compliance over the contract lifecycle.