Financial performance objectives and compliance requirements drive financial firms and professionals to reach out beyond the back office. Finance is increasingly involved in all aspects of company management. Lextree is a vital tool to help financial professionals manage investments and contribute to operational success.


Lextree’s entity management capabilities are robust. Manage the entire corporate family: all subsidiaries, affiliates, and joint ventures. Use the ownership features to generate a stock ledger, cap table, and corporate organizational chart.

Officers and directors often serve more than one legal entity. Lextree allows you to assign people to multiple entities and serve in any officer or director capacity. You can also see terms of service.


Contracts feed the revenue line and control the expense line. Lextree allows you control the contracting process. Drive all contract requests to a central group for approval. Once approved, you can manage the entire contract portfolio from the central repository.

Stay alert to automatic contract renewals to review those agreements in time. Make sure that revenue generating contracts do not expire unexpectedly. Use Lextree to improve financial performance.