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It is increasingly important that nonprofit organizations improve their operational management and compliance tracking. Lextree is a vital tool for nonprofit organizations to manage contracts, grants, and the Board of Directors. Regardless of geography, industry, or mission, leadership teams use Lextree to improve transparency and reporting for grants and contracts. Lextree is a cost-effective solution for nonprofit organizations of any size.
Lextree for Nonprofit Organizations

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Contract management is a core Lextree feature. Nonprofit organizations can consolidate the management of their vendors. New contract requests are routed to a central group who can review and approve new contracts, which is an effective cost control strategy.

Receive automatic alerts for contract expiration and auto renewal dates. Generate reports that reveal all contract obligations throughout the organization and across the contract portfolio.

Nonprofits can also use Lextree to admnister the legal entity, by tracking renewals and filing deadlines.

Whether your organization is a grantor or grantee, you can manage detailed grant requirements. Each requirement can generate tasks and alerts so that you can monitor compliance with the terms of the grant.

Send alerts to people inside or outside your organization to make sure that the terms of the grant are filled. Consolidated grant requirement reports reveal common tasks and obligations across grants.

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