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General counsel, business lawyers, and compliance officers are among Lextree’s most active users. Lextree is designed from the ground up to help legal professionals, including paralegals and legal assistants.

Lextree combines collaboration tools with risk management so that lawyers become more effective. Lextree helps lawyers deliver tangible value to business clients.

Lextree in the Legal Industry

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Lawyers and legal professionals in the general counsel’s office use Lextree to control and accelerate the flow of contracts through the legal department. Channel contract requests through Lextree, then have management approve the business terms so that you know the deal is ready for contracting.

General counsel can use Lextree to communicate with senior management about the entire contract portfolio. This unique insight demonstrates the value of the legal department to the rest of the organization.

Lextree allows general counsel to serve as corporate secretary and manage all of the legal entities for the organization. Ownership interests are tracked either as a simple percentages or based on equity transactions, generating a cap table and stock ledger if necessary. Use Lextree to create a visual org chart of all of your legal entities.

Outside lawyers use Lextree to increase their engagement with and service to clients. Contracts are no longer filed and forgotten. Instead, business lawyers can use Lextree to notify clients in advance of expiration deadlines or renewal dates. Business lawyers can also allow clients to submit contract requests via Lextree.

Lextree also allows business lawyers to manage all the corporate entities on behalf of their clients. Lextree can track officers and directors, generate organizational charts, and create cap tables with stock ledgers.

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