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Industry Solutions

Learn about how Lextree benefits organizations in your industry.

Lextree for Healthcare


Nursing homes, hospitals, medical providers
Hospitals, medical practices, and long term care facilities all use Lextree to improve compliance, manage risk, and control contracts. Lextree helps healthcare providers fulfill their mission.
Lextree for Lawyers


General counsel, law firms, compliance officers
General counsel, business lawyers, and compliance officers are among Lextree’s most active users. Lextree is designed from the ground up to help legal professionals, including paralegals and legal assistants.
Lextree for Higher Education

Higher Education

Athletic departments, administrators
Higher education institutions use Lextree to fulfill their educational and research missions. The combination of complex organizational structure and extensive regulatory obligations makes higher education administration particularly challenging. Lextree is part of the solution.
Lextree for Nonprofits


Charities, social venture, foundations, donors
It is increasingly important that nonprofit organizations improved their operational management and compliance tracking. Lextree is a vital tool for nonprofit organizations to manage contracts, grants, and the Board of Directors.
Lextree for Government Agencies


Utilities, municipalities, agencies
Federal, state, and local agencies use Lextree to fulfill their charters and control expenses. Whether vendor contracts are routine purchasing agreements or complex service arrangements, government agencies need to know what the requirements are throughout the life of the contract.
Lextree for Real Estate

Real estate

Developers, investors
Real estate firms deal with complexity everyday. Leases, easements, and purchase and sale agreements are critical to realizing the full value of a given real estate project or property. Lextree is both a legal entity management solution and a contract management tool perfectly suited for real estate firms.
Lextree for Sports and Entertainment


Stadiums, sports, casinos, gaming
Sports and event management are high stakes, high pressure endeavors. Contracts are critical to ensure performance by everyone involved. These contracts are increasingly complex. You need to track detailed requirements and milestones to achieve your objectives. Lextree is a cost-effective solution for your contract management needs.
Lextree for Finance


Investors, consultants, back office
Financial performance objectives and compliance requirements drive financial firms and professionals to reach out beyond the back office. Finance is increasingly involved in all aspects of company management. Lextree is a vital tool to help financial professionals manage investments and contribute to operational success.


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