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How to Use Free Contract Management Spreadsheet

To use the free Contract Management Spreadsheet from Berkman Solutions, just come to Free Tools, select Free Contract Management Spreadsheet.

This is not your average spreadsheet.

There are three sections, Contracts, Parties, and Documents.


A contract consists of an agreement between you and one or more parties.

Those other parties are captured here, and you can see the details, including contact information about that party.

You can even classify the parties by coming into the Type field and selecting a type.

And if you don’t like any of those types, you can enter your own and select that, and that will add it to the list that will then be available as a selection for every other party if you want.

Multiple Parties and Documents

Also notice that you can have a party with one or more contracts.

So in this case, Very Good Vendor is a party to multiple contracts with us, which makes this spreadsheet very valuable.

You can also assign more than one document to an individual contract.

So for example, if we come to Very Good Vendor, you’ll see that it is linked to this particular contract, but there are two documents.

There is the agreement and then a schedule, an exhibit for pricing, or it might be an amendment, which is the next contract, or a statement of work if it’s a professional services contract.

The location here is the URL to wherever you are storing the document, whether that’s on Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SharePoint, wherever, you can drop in a link to that, and this free spreadsheet will store that link and you can jump to it.

The spreadsheet also includes a title of the agreement that you can use to find and search for the contract.


Contract Type

The type of contract is different than the type of party.

So this allows you to classify the type of contract and there are several options predetermined here, but you can also create your own types very easily by simply typing in the cell and adding that as a type.

Effective Date and Expiration Date

The effective date of the contract and the expiration date are really important for tracking when this contract will expire and when it starts.

Auto-Renewal Contracts

Auto-renewing features are not present in all contracts, but when they are, they have direct financial impact on you.

So a revenue or sales contract that does not auto-renew means that’s a contract you’re gonna wanna work to renew with your client or prospect customer before it expires.

Conversely, if it’s an expense-related contract that does auto-renew, you’re gonna wanna review that contract before this expiration date in case you don’t want those expenses to be triggered in the next year.

You’ll have a description for the contract and then any amount as you want.

Other Spreadsheet Features

There are some other features of the spreadsheet that you’ll want to know.

You can, of course, add columns here and add new rows.

To add a new contract, you’ll just come to a blank row and you can simply select any of your existing parties if you want or you can add a new one.

If you have a multi-party agreement, just select or enter the second party and now you have both parties listed there and you’ll see we have both Berkman Solutions and sample service provider listed as parties.

You can include a title and then select the type for the type of contract.

When you give an effective date, we’ll pop up a calendar preview.

You can toggle the renewal or auto-renewal feature on and off, include a description and an amount if you want.

Optionally, we can add specific documents.

Contract Documents

When you go to add a document, we give it a title and then the spreadsheet will automatically populate the link to the specific contract.

You can choose the document type.

Notice again, these document types are separate from the contract type and the party type and so we’ll just say it’s an agreement and again, we can include a location to that and we can add more documents there if we want.

Download Free Contract Management Spreadsheet

It is important to note that this spreadsheet will not be saved once you leave this particular page.

If you want to save the data, you will need to download the spreadsheet, which you can do by selecting these three dots and download it either as a CSV, which is a comma delimited format that you can open with any spreadsheet application or as a Microsoft Excel file and it will give you the data as a Microsoft Excel file and that option is available on all of these components.

If you right click on any row, you can delete or insert or duplicate another row.

If you select and right click on any column, you’ll be presented with some options that you can filter or sort or delete or remove these columns however you want and so it allows you, if you have a substantial list, to refine that list of contracts quite easily.

So again, remember to download your spreadsheet before you leave the page because it will not be saved when you return here to these free tools.

If at any point you want to save this data and take advantage of more automation, workflow tracking, automated notifications about important dates and auto renewals, you can sign up for a 14 day free trial to Lextree.

All that data will be in the cloud saved for you and Lextree will notify you automatically of important dates and obligations for all of your contracts.

Thank you and enjoy this free contract management spreadsheet from Berkman Solutions.

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