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Track all current and former owners for the business entity. Lextree keeps track of the amount and duration of any equity owners, whether it is a corporation, limited liability company, or any other legal entity. Lextree uses the ownership information to create a legal org chart automatically.


Any type of business entity

Capture ownership information for any type of owner:

  • Shareholders or stockholders for corporations,
  • Members for limited liability companies (LLCs),
  • Partners for partnerships,
  • and more.

Related or unrelated owners

To display both members of the corporate family and outside investors on the org chart, keep track of both related and unrelated entities. Related entities are members of the same corporate structure. Unrelated entities include outside investors and individuals. Lextree tracks them both.

Full ownership history

Identify the owners of an entity at any point in time. The ownership ledger keeps track of the owner, the percentage of the stake, and the holding period.

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