Organizational Documents

The documents which create the legal entity must be easily accessible over the life of the business to resolve disputes and unusual situations. Lextree keeps all organizational documents in one place.
Organizational Documents

By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation

Retain easy access to By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, and other founding documents with Lextree. You can segment those documents in their own group.

Ownership Agreements

Track ownership agreements which cover the rights and responsibilities of each owner:

  • Membership Agreement for limited liability companies,
  • Shareholder Agreement for corporations,
  • Partnership Agreement for partnerships,
  • or any ownership agreement.

Lextree can also monitor other contracts or agreements related to the entity, such as:

  • Intellectual property licenses from a founder to the entity,
  • An entity’s lease of real estate, or
  • Employment contracts with key employees or founders.

Lextree will send automatic alerts and notifications prior to expiration.

Insurance and Risk Management

Insurance is an important part of risk management to limit the exposure from unexpected events. Missing an insurance policy expiration can create an unacceptable risk for owners and managers. Lextree helps you manage risk by notifying you automatically in advance of any expiration. Track D&O, E&O, property and casualty, or any other insurance.

Lextree for Entity Management

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