Org Charts

Visualize the legal entity corporate structure with the built in corporate org chart. Easily navigate and explore the corporate family. Explore the ownership of any branch. Lextree builds the org chart dynamically. It handles complex ownership structures like generation skipping as well as broad and deep relationships.
Company Org Chart

Any and all owners

Org charts in Lextree display all the owners of an entity. Owners can be individuals or other entities. They can be in the corporate family, such as a holding company relationship. Owners can also be unrelated like outside investors. Owners can be any type of legal entity: LLC, corporation, partnership, trust, estate, or individual just to name a few.

Drawn automatically

Lextree draws the org chart automatically based on your ownership data. No more drawing boxes and finicky lines on slides. The org chart is always up-to-date and displays all parents and subsidiaries, no matter how many levels there are.

Zoom, move, explore

The org chart is drawn on an infinite canvas so you can zoom in, zoom out, and drag it around to see any detail you need. Select any entity in the org chart to see its immediate parents and subsidiaries.
Lextree for Entity Management
    Org Charts

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