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Officers and Directors

Manage boards of directors and corporate officers. Add any number of board members and officers. Track terms of service and titles. Assign one person to any number of entities as an officer and/or director. Easily see what entities they serve.

All titles or roles

Each director and officer has a distinct title and role for each entity. Lextree will track officers and directors, regardless of title: president, treasurer, secretary, managing director, manager, executive director, or anything else.

Multiple entities

People often serve on more than one board or as an officer in more than one entity within a corporate family. Easily link an existing officer or director to new entities and create unique roles or titles for each entity.

Terms of service

Identify who was on the board during a period of time in the past. Schedule officers or directors to serve for a specific period of time. Receive automatic alerts before their term is up.
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