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User Details

To manage users in your organization, navigate to Admin > Users. This page displays all users in your orgnization. You can add new users by selecting the Add User button. There are several important elements of each user's profile.
  • Name
    Enter the user's first and last name.
  • Email
    Enter the user's email address.
  • User Role
    The User Role defines what a user can do in Lextree. There are four roles in Lextree for Healthcare Compliance: Editor, Manager, Administrator, and Reader. You can read about the role definitions below. Users cannot have both the Editor and Reader role.
  • User Status
    You can change the status of user to temporarily block their access without deleting them or to add them without activating their account.
  • Facilities
    Facilties controls which Facilities each user can access.
  • Group
    Group controls which collections of Surveys a user can access. Each user must be a member of at least one group to view any Surveys.

Role Definitions

  • Editor
    Can view and edit records.
  • Manager
    Can view and edit items in the Libraries menu and in Tasks > Tasks by Group.
  • Administrator
    Can access the Admin menu. Please note that Admin is not a super role. It just grants access to the Admin menu.
  • Reader
    Can only view Survey and Facility data. Cannot make changes.
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