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Plan of Correction Library

The Plan of Correction Library allows you to develop POC templates that users can select when they draft a Plan of Correction for a Deficiency. POCs in the library are tied to specific F-Tags. Select Add Plan of Correction to Library to create a new POC template.
Plan of Correction Library
When you add a POC to the library, Lextree will display the Add Plan of Correction to Library page.
  • Tag
    Select the F-Tag to which this template applies. You may have more than one POC template for each F-Tag. Users will only see POC templates which match the F-Tag for their Deficiency.
  • Name
    Give the POC template a short, unique name. Users will use this name to select the template.
  • Plan of Correction
    Draft the Plan of Correction. Users will be able to modify the POC for the Deficiency in question.
Add Plan of Correction to Library
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