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Libraries Overview

A Library in Lextree is a collection of data that users can copy to perform a variety of functions in Lextree. Libraries improve efficiency and quality by providing more consistent information. There are several libraries in Lextree:
  • Authorities
    Define Survey Authorities or government agencies which routinely inspect your Facilities.
  • Buildings
    Maintain a list of specific buildings that are surveyed at your Facilities.
  • Custom Tags
    Create custom or state level tags.
  • Document Types
    Categorize documents by type. Users choose the type when they add documents to a Survey.
  • Keywords
    Keywords allow users to add additiional, semi-structured information about Surveys, Documents, and Facilities.
  • Plans of Correction
    Create templates for Plans of Correction. Users drafting Plans of Correction can choose a POC from the Library for a particular F-Tag.
  • Regulations
    Create a custom list of state or federal regulations. NOTE: Lextree already maps the federal F-Tags to the appropriate regulation.
  • Survey Types
    Create a custom list of Survey Types. Lextree already uses Health and Fire.
  • Tasks
    Create a list of frequently used tasks. For example, "Upload Survey Report" might be a common task. Users can copy the task as a template.
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