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Contract Repository

Gain insight into the latest developments in your contract portfolio. The contract repository dashboard gives you a presentation of recent contracts and documents. The contract status display shows contracts as they progress through the approval workflow.
Lextree for Contract Management
Contract repository in Lextree

All contracts in one place

All of your contracts are in one place: the central repository. The repository is a snapshot of the most important contract details. You can search and sort the repository any way you like. The repository is also responsive to each user’s security profile.

Document collections

Use the contract record to collect all the contract documents in one place. The original agreement, all exhibits, all schedules, and all amendments are linked to the main contract record.

Unlimited alerts

Lextree sends automatic alerts to anyone you want. Schedule alerts based on contract renewals, document expirations, or obligation due dates. Alerts can be recurring and will automatically advance with auto-renewals.

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