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Gain fresh insights into your contract portfolio. With your contracts and documents in one place, Lextree’s built-in reports provide data for quick analysis of contract risk.
Contract Reports

Built-in reports

Lextree includes built-in reports for classes of data: documents, requirements, and tasks. Contract reports include analysis of top-level contract data and dates. Drill down into document and requirement level data easily.

Export data

Export Lextree report data any time. Reports let you export data for any spreadsheet application. Print or save reports as PDF documents as well. The export feature is responsive to your searches and filtering, so the export includes exactly the data you want.

Analyze corporate data

Every Lextree report includes a powerful filtering feature that allows you to displace just the data you want. Easy-to-use analysis tools, for example, allow you to see all contracts expiring in the next six months. Refine that result by narrowing down to a single contract type.
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